Why I Started Convert Prezi to Video

ConvertPrezitoVideo.com isn’t my full-time job, but it was started out of frustration at my full-time job. I’m the online marketing manager for a software start-up. One day we created this awesome Prezi that we wanted to share with the world,

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Is your Prezi choppy when converting to video?

One of the common requests/complaints that we get all the time is that when converting a Prezi to video using screen capture software like Camtasia or ScreenFlow that the Prezi transitions become choppy and the video quality becomes poor. There

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How to remove Prezi logo from embedded Prezi

One thing that is extremely frustrating with Prezi is that you cannot remove Prezi’s branding when you embed a Prezi on your website. Prezi puts their logo in two different spots when you use their embed code: while the Prezi

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Prezi Video Use Case: Switzerland Technology Reseller

We recently did a Prezi video for a technology reseller in Switzerland that I think was using their video in a very unique way. Since they resell technology, they need to build and maintain relationships with their customers. In order

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How to improve quality of Prezi video conversions using Camtasia

Today I did a Prezi video conversion for a customer using Camtasia to record the video. Out of the 13 slides/transitions, I was having trouble achieving a smooth transition for 5 of them. The 5 transitions that were experiencing chop

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Top 5 Reasons to Turn a Prezi into Video

Pretty much everyone who comes to us already knows that they want to convert their Prezi into a video, but just don’t know how to do it. They “get it”. They see the value in making their Prezi a digital,

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Prezi Video Case Study: Vero Beach Museum of Art

Every once in a while we get an interesting customer that has a cool use case for why they want to convert a Prezi into a video. In this case it was Vero Beach Museum of Art. Vero Beach Museum

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